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You need a java enabled browser to play this game.

To begin game play, click the board or press "Start." Input words in the text field below the letters. Words may be separated by spaces or commas. You may also input words by clicking on tiles (double clicking to terminate a word). After 180 seconds, matching words between the player and computer will be eliminated. To start a new round, press "Start" again. A game ends whenever you feel like it.

The goal of the game is to find as many words as possible, or at least more than the computer does. Words may be formed from adjacent tiles in any direction, and must contain at least three letters. The same tile cannot be repeated within a word (but the same letter on a different tile is okay).

The dictionary is far from complete. But I can add new words, so if you find words not in the dictionary, just e-mail them to me.

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